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Camersoft Skype Recorder is a tool that's designed to record your desktop activity while making video calls on Skype.

Skype is a great application for making international calls, both for personal and work-related purposes. At times, it's nice to have a copy of these calls. For example, you may want to record a meeting containing important details you can't forget, or maybe a job interview.

Camersoft Skype Recorder is an external complement for Skype that's easy to use thanks to its simple interface that works just like any other recorder. The program has two capture modes: you can set it to record a default area of the desktop, or manually select what area of the desktop to record.

Once the recording has finished, the program lets you save a high-quality copy in .AVI format.

Camersoft Skype Recorder is an easy, simple way to save a copy of your calls.

You can only record up to two minutes with the trial version.

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